About Us

Located in the iconic Freemasonry Building right opposite the Sterling Cinema, South Mumbai, “THE GOOSE & GRIDIRON”-Bar & Kitchen provides you a quirky escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The moment you step in, your world changes! Our mesmerizing ambience will transport you to a bygone Victorian Freemasonry era.

We offer both indoor and outdoor seating. If you wish to chill out against the historical backdrop of the Fort Street, sit back comfortably in our beautifully- lit patio. The air-conditioned interior features a terracotta brick wall, a fully stocked bar counter, and high tables to replicate the look and feel of an old English pub.

At “THE GOOSE & GRIDIRON”-Bar & Kitchen we make sure that you will be spoilt for choice with a creatively delicious menu that includes burgers, barbecue grills, pasta, pizza, continental and Indian gourmet delights. Enjoy your unending conversations with refreshing mocktails, cocktails, beertails, and more. Our meticulously crafted menu will satiate your taste buds without burning a hole in your pocket.


Whether it is the first American President George Washington or the brilliant imaginer Walt Disney, Freemasons have created an influential wave in the history of mankind. This charitable organization is often referred to as the world’s most powerful secret society.  Members come from all walks of life to meet as equals irrespective of their faith, ethnic group, or position in the society. It teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies. They are pledged not to discuss with non-members certain parts of the ceremonies. Freemasons greet each other with some handshakes and passwords, which are kept confidential.


The foundation of the United Grand Lodge of England, the largest Masonic group in Britain was laid at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern in St. Paul’s Churchyard. The goose standing on a gridiron was a sarcastic allusion to a musical society that met on the premises. Their sign was a swan on a lyre, the proprietor of the tavern ensured that the sound of a goose on the gridiron was more harmonious than any other melody that ever came from their rehearsals! The name “Goose and Gridiron” was born from that error.

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